Your Enchant adventure is completely customizable, below is the basic plan layout which covers your room in an Oceanfront Estate across 3 days and 3 nights and a romantic dinner experience.  Ask about any activities you would like to include, places you want to visit, or more coaching time.

Day One


As soon as you land in sunny California, a personalized limo will be waiting to pick you up and take you to your luxurious accommodations


Sit down with Yaji to dig deep in to your individual and relationship history, explore values, identify goals, and communication tools


When the sun sets, have an evening of adventure, and delicious healthy food prepared by our personal in home chef.

Day Two


Explore an individual deep dive session with Yaji while your partner indulges in exploration & activities in beautiful La Jolla


Come back together, enjoy a private lunch while you reflect and share your breakthroughs with each other


Review the revelations you’ve had in your journey and set your goals for the renewal you have created for your realtionship

Customize your trip

Additional & Specialized Coaching

Focus on challenges unique to your relationship and plan followup sessions for the future to track and enhance your progress

Additional Activities

Enjoy more of the area by extending your stay or booking additional activities, food and adventure through us so everything is arranged when you arrive



Enjoy a thoroughly curated trip, starting with a limo ride from the airport to your hotel before a romantic dinner. Every package includes a carefully crafted itenerary so you can focus on each other.


We work with you to tailor your schedule around couples activities to break up the coaching sessions and make it easy for you to explore the area together in your down time.


Your trip will include at least 10 hours of coaching which includes an assessment and realignment of the goals you have as a couple and time spent with each of you individually to identify personal paths.


Our program is designed to learn as much as we can about you and direct you in learning about eachother to identify actionable goals that will have you making amazing progress in your relationship.

It’s time for your breakthrough

Trying to make progress in a relationship without outside help or direction is difficult for everyone. Your journey with us will be customized to understand your goals and struggles and not only address them but also teach you ways to work together long after your trip home. We focus on creating a focused enviornment and an intentional itenerary for the best results while you are with us and long in to the future.