Enchant Coaching

We will all work as a team to help you make organic changes. When you identify and attack the root of problems instead of spending time and energy avoiding things and treating symptoms. Disagreements, frustration, arguments, betrayal, disrespect, mistrust, fear, feeling alone and scared or overwhelmed and attacked. We will work with you both as a couple and individually to create a relationship that feels good for both of you. The aim is to move from co-dependent and / or independent to interdependent. A relationship in which you both feel great and fulfilled in yourselves as individuals and at the same time, are even stronger together.



We’ll start with a look in to the past both as individuals and as a unit. Discussing things that have affected you in positive and negative ways and how that may influence your relationship now.


Uncovering the root of subjects or actions that make you angry or uncomfortable. Too many couples spend time trying to address the symptoms of conflict instead of analyzing and transforming the root cause for growth and evolution of your relationship and, more importantly, yourself.


We will discuss and prioritize what matters to you and your partner both together and individually. We will explore a deep analysis of your expecataions and desires both for the relationship and individually. We will then identify the differences that may be causing misunderstandings and conflict and realign the values for true, longlasting, fulfillment.


Individual Sessions /


Using the most recent advances scientifically proven techniques in the fields of phycology, personal growth, and coaching, you will each have an individual breakthrough and release of whatever baggage and limiting beliefes may have been getting in your way both for your relationship and for your life.

Back Together &


After the individual sessions, we will get back together as a group to discuss revelations, plan solutions, and work on setting actionable, measurable goals to define what you really want individually and as a partnership. This will change the energy dynamic in your relationship and give you the ability to measure your progress.

Tantric / Intimacy Exploration

Explore the ancient sacred energetic practices of Tantra, Chakras, Kundalini Awakening, how to manifest that energy in yourself, and how to merge those energies with you partner for truly deep, connected, intimate sexual experiences.

It’s time for your breakthrough,

Trying to make progress in a relationship without outside help or direction is difficult for everyone. Your journey with us will be customized to understand your goals and struggles and not only address them but also teach you ways to work together long after your trip home. We focus on creating a focused enviornment and an intentional itenerary for the best results while you are with us and long in to the future.

Customize your Workshop

Customize your Workshop

We offer a variety of experiential games and exercises to help enhance the quality of your relationship.  Should time allow, these can be incorporated or added on.

  • Playfulness
  • Energy & Raising your Vibration
  • Self-Love & Self-Acceptance
  • Sexuality / Intimacy / Tantra
  • Sensuality
  • Seduction games
  • Understanding the Roles of Masculine & Feminine
  • Yoga & Breath
  • Trust Building
  • Boundaries & Communication (the ability to say yes or no)