Does parenting interfere in your relationship?


How similar is your parenting style with your partner?

Would you like parenting resources during your retreat?


Would you utilize childcare, if it were provided?


How similar are your habits with spending, saving and money in general?

Would you like financial planning & budgeting resources during your retreat?


Do you prefer:

An active / sporty adventure?
A romantic time together?
Experiencing new things?

Please rate or order the following in order of your preference, 1 being your most desired activity 28 being the least.

How do you show your love?

Quality Time
Physical Touch (hugging, massages, holding hands – not intimacy)
Acts of Service (cooking, cleaning, fixing things, doing things)
Words of Affirmation (you’re beautiful, great job)

How important to you is where you stay?

How important are activities?

Do you drink alcohol?


Are you interested in seduction / sexy games to play with each other?


Do you have any allergies?


Do you have any limitations or disabilities?


Please rate or order the following for how much you would like it to be a part of your retreat experience, 1 being most important, 12 being least important.

NOW WE’RE GOING TO DETERMINE what feeds you, draws you in, lights you up.

When it’s time to recharge your batteries do you prefer to be alone or with people?

With People

If you were going to study a certain subject, would you be:

More interested solely in the facts and their application for the now?
More interested in the ideas and relationships between the facts and their application for the future?

Can you remember a situation with your partner that gave you trouble?


When you make a decision do you rely more on:

Impersonal reason and logic
Personal values?

Why did you buy your last car? Judger / perceiver

What do you want in a job?

What do you want in a relationship?

What do you want to do with your life?

For you, what’s important about what you do? Toward or away

Why are you choosing to sign up for the retreat?

How do you know when you’re being a good partner?

Do you just know inside or does someone have to tell you?

How do you know that someone is in love ? Is it something you see, words you hear, things that are done, things you read? see, do, hear, read

How often does your partner have to demonstrate they love you before you are convinced?

Do you know what you need to do to better your relationship?

Do you know a good way for your partner to better your relationship?

Do you find it easy to tell them or not so easy?

When you come into a situation, do you usually (choose one):

Act quickly after sizing it up
Do a detailed study of all the consequences and then act?

Talk about a time when you were happiest in your relationship

Now talk about a specific one-time event during that time.

Talk about your favorite restaurant.

Why is it your favorite restaurant?

If you and your partner do a project together, would you want to know (choose one):

All the details first
The big picture first?

How important on a scale of 1 to 10?

What’s the relationship between how you are doing as a couple this year versus how you were doing as a couple last year?

When you come into a new situation, do you usually notice (choose one)

Saying this with exception
Sameness and differences equally
Differences with exception

On average, how long have you stayed in relationships?

Tell me about a situation in your relationship that gives you trouble.

What are the three top issues that create problems for you both

When you need to work through a problem or a challenge in your life (choose one):

Is it absolutely necessary for you to talk about it with someone else
Think about it by yourself only?

If your partner said to you I’m thirsty, would you find the comment (choose one):

Interesting but probably do nothing about it
Would you feel really compelled to do something about it?

When you feel that your partner is not doing everything they can to show up in your relationship do you (choose one):

Come to the point and tell them directly
Do you hint, imply and give them Clues?

In the context of relationships and your relationship what’s important to you about being a partner who shows up?

In what ways do you show your love for your partner?

If you are able to have these move around so they can put their favorite thing on top I would love that 0 IT WILL BE ESPECIALLY GOOD HERE:

Would you prefer?