Prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

Enchant is a journey

Join us in sunny California for a carefully curated adventure where you will learn more about yourself and your partner over a luxurious and engaging weekend than you have in the past several years. Enjoy romantic adventures paired with couples and individual coaching sessions to target the areas you want to improve, treat problems you couldn’t find the source of, and discover methods you can apply now and in the future to repair and reignite your relationship.


Too many misunderstandings in a mostly  compatible relationship.


Partners drift apart over time and want to find the way back to each other.


Take on a new challenge as a team and reach new levels of intimacy.

Meet Yaji

Originally from the East Coast, she graduated from Boston University with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. Beginning her career at BU as an engineering major, her true calling was to give back what she had been given in learning to heal and overcome the past. She brings a unique and personal perspective on what works in addition to a strong emphasis on math and science. She additionally participated in several cognitive behavioral (CBT) empirical, evidence based studies, gave lectures on the intersection of Cognitive Behavioral Science with Spirituality at JFK University, and presented at the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis. She has over 10,000 hours of experience working with couples and individuals to release trauma, create great relationships, and become congruent with higher levels of self-esteem and self-love.

It’s time for your breakthrough

Trying to make progress in a relationship without outside help or direction is difficult for everyone. Your journey with us will be customized to understand your goals and struggles and not only address them but also teach you ways to work together long after your trip home. We focus on creating a focused environment and an intentional itinerary for the best results while you are with us and long in to the future.