Congratulations on your decision to nurture and foster your relationship to the highest levels of connection, understanding, acceptance and love.  Below you will find the forms and agreements to both reserve your journey and curate the most enchanting experience possible for you and your partner.  In order to customize all aspects of your retreat the Enchant Custom Experience Questionnaire is very detailed so please plan to set aside at least 15 minutes of focused, uninterrupted time.  I will need one from each of you.

Please note,  the fee agreement & waiver forms are both required (with signatures from both of you) in order to reserve your spot. 

I am excited to meet  you both and join you in this adventure!!!   



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Please indicate which activities you are interested in

Please read and sign the fee agreement & waiver forms.


$1000 deposit to reserve your retreat dates 60 days or more in advance.

Full amount due if reserving less then 60 days in advance.

Please complete the questionnaire below to customize your journey!